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British Telefantasy

General telefantasy sites:  Return to SilverClover Telefantasy page.

Kaleidoscope. The Classic Television Web Site. Includes telefantasy and non telefantasy classic British series. A wonderful media resource.

'The Mausoleum Club' courtesy of Mr Wolf. Site devoted to vintage television releases and archival gems. BBC Learning DVD releases highlighted and an excellent forum.

Square-Eyed TV: New site from Richard Spurr (formely Television Archives)

Chris Smith's Classic British Television site. Also includes non telefantasy pages on Callan and Public Eye.

Peter Culley's 'Classic Telly' Page. Many telefantasy and action series covered.

Cult TV Magazine. Check out their ConUKopia - UK TV & Film Events Diary.

Covering cult and fastasy television and other genres Memorable TV , managed by Paul Mills.

Ace of Wands:
Simon Coward's Ace of Wands web site.

Blakes 7:

Horizon (THE Blakes 7 Appreciation Society).

Louise and Simon's Blakes 7 fan site. Character profile, sounds, chat and more.

Judith Procter's major Blakes 7 site.

The Changes
A major guide from Mark Campbell to The Changes.

Children of the Stones:

James McGowan's Children of the Stones homepage.

Episodes and pictures of the cast of Children of the Stones.

Doctor Who:

Amongst the multitude of 'Who' sites out there are a few which deal with some specific detail or aspect of the show and are recommended.

Doctor Who Restoration Team Web site. Packed with info on recovering missing episodes, special video releases, re-colouring Pertwee stories and much besides. Excellent.

The Elisabeth Sladen Page; created by Brian Morris, now hosted on the Chronotravel site

The Companions Home Page. From The Elisabeth Sladen Information Network run by Kevin W Parker.

The Doctor Who Cutting Archive from Roger Anderson. Clippings and cuttings from decades of 'Who'.

Bob Furnell's excellent "unofficial" guide to Doomwatch

Chris Smith's Classic British television Doomwatch page.

Classic Telly Doomwatch page. Compiled by Peter Culley.

Square-Eyed TV guide to Doomwatch (courtesy of Richard Spurr).

Moonbase 3:
Square-Eyed TV guide to Moonbase 3 (compiled by Richard Spurr).

The Mausoleum Club appendix on Moonbase 3 - includes Radio Times listings.

The Mausoleum Club appendix on '1990' - includes Radio Times details, articles and letters.
Square-Eyed TV guide to 1990 (compiled by Richard Spurr).
Quatermass homepage. Covers all series, films, radio etc. Site affiliated to Kaleidoscope.

Sapphire and Steel:

The Anorak's guide to *everything* Sapphire and Steel

Clare O'Farrell's Sapphire and Steel guide, with further links and an article entitled 'your questions answered'.

Sapphire and Steel. An excellent series guide by Steve Phillips. Great screenshots.

Kenny Davidson's page Cool Operators.

Space 1999:

Space1999 Net. A major web site on the series in 6 languages!

Space1999 guide from Fanderson, the Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society.

The Space1999 CyberMuseum. All aspects of the series covered, many further links. Maintained by Marcy Kulic.
Survivorstvseries site from Andy Priestner. Great series overview with episode guide and superb screenshots.

Survivors Homepage. Extensive articles, discussion and news. Includes Survivors web guide.

Terry Nations Survivors. A.k.a. Felbridge Camp compiled by Christopher Barker. Includes photo gallery and cast interviews.

Chris Smith's detailed examination of 'Survivors'. Also includes archive holding details for the series.

Daniel Smith's Capricorn1 Survivors page, includes Survivors Wavs, guide to Survivors discussion lists and (a developing) series of episode reviews.

(Brian Clemens') Thriller:
'Barry Monday's' detailed guide to Brian Clemens Thriller. Archive and worldwide screening details and a full episode guide.

Peter Culley's reference source for the Thriller anthology series.

The Official Timeslip Website!

Chris Smith's Classic Television page detailing Timeslip.

The Tomorrow People:

The Lab. A good resource for all things Tomorrow People, characters, images, links etc.

Jackie's excellent 'Tomorrow People Scrapbook' site. Includes interview with Sammie Winmill, rare photos and episode guide.

NEW URL:  Dave Johnson's Tomorrow People Page. Great evocative background!
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Frank Sinatra Return to SilverClover Sinatra page.
Web page detailing the '62 Sinatra British televised concert - This is Sinatra
Web site of the Sinatra Music Society. This British society publishes a fine bi-monthly journal too. Includes my article Union Jack of Secret Hearts
The Sinatra Archive. Major reference site for Frank's performances.
Blue-Eyes.  Site with attitude!

Bobby Darin Return to SilverClover Darin page.
Index to THE Legendary Bobby Darin site courtesy of Linda. All you could possibly want to know about Bobby's career.

Guide to the Bobby Darin TV show.

History of Rock biography page for Bobby Darin.

Canada: trains, travel et al Return to SilverClover TransCanada page
The Canada Passenger Rail Services Page from Tom Box and Chris Roberts. Covers all passenger rail services in Canada.

Tips a plenty on rail travel in Canada, tours, videos and more from Gord's Canadian Rail travel guide.Do especially check out the travel tips page. Great site from Gordon Hall.

For details of the transcontinental service from Halifax to Vancouver see the official VIA Rail Canada site.

Rocky Mountaineer Railtours official site for daylight tour travel between Vancouver and Banff/Calgary or Jasper.

20th Century Fox Musicals Return to SilverClover Fox Musicals page.
Betty Grable:  Silent Sam's extensive Betty Grable Online. Clickable Bombshell's Betty Grable - The Original Pin Up Girl. The Grable pages from Dawn Marie.

Alice Faye: The Alice Faye website. Denny Jackson's Alice Faye page.

Shirley Temple: The comprehensive Shirley Temple page. Also Shirley

Sonja Henie: Robin Chew's Sonja Henie site

Marilyn Monroe: Glamournet's site on Marilyn Monroe Also see The Marilyn Pages from Ellen's place.

Carmen Miranda: Denny Jackson's Carmen Miranda page. Bright Lights Film Journal Carmen Miranda documentary.

Dick Haymes: Dick Haymes - The Voice of Perfection from Mike Rogalski & Susan Calter.
Classic Images Dick Haymes interview.

John Payne: Career biography of John Payne from Reelclassic's John Payne page from Elizabeth.

June Haver: Denny Jackson's June Haver page.  June Haver:Movie Star pictures and biograpghy.

Jack Oakie: Classic Image's article on Jack Oakie.

Tony Martin: Interview with Tony Martin courtesy Classic Images.

Mitzi Gaynor: Elizabeth's Reelclassics page on Mitzi Gaynor.

Vera-Ellen: Mike Day's site for Vera-Ellen - Hollywood's Dancing Lady.

For a comprehensive site for BRITISH Musical Films visit this splendid site courtesy of Roger Mellor. Includes my review of 'London Town' (Rank 1946)

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